Software Usage Function
bigWigMerge bigWigMerge .. out.bedGraph Merge together multiple bigWigs into a single output bedGraph.
bigWigSummary bigWigSummary [options] file.bigWig chrom start end dataPoints Extract binned summary information from a bigWig file for a genomic region
bigWigCorrelate bigWigCorrelate [options] a.bigWig b.bigWig Correlate bigWig files, optionally only on target regions.
multiBigwigSummary multiBigwigSummary bins -b -out results.npz [options] Compute the average scores for each of the bigWig files in every genomic region.
bigWigInfo bigWigInfo [options] Print out summary information about bigWig file. The summary statistics include mean, min, max, std, and bases covered.